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Catherine Seipp passed away yesterday. She was an excellent writer, and I just discovered this article. She had the kind of sensibility which is a bit too rare nowadays - that of common sense.


We recorded basic tracks for American Cyborg, Chick Magnet, and I've Got a New Song in my Head yesterday - I think we've got workable takes of all three, so that's excellent. Next will come Storybook Romance, Zombies, and The Shopping Blues, and then we're on to overdubs. Hopefully we can finish laying down the basic tracks before passover: I'd like to be at the overdubbing stage by then...


For no apparent reason, whole wheat shmura matza is really, really hard to find. We're ordering it for the Seder, but the annoying part is that they only come in handmade 7-to-the-$21-box-where-4-of-them-are-broken quantities. Grr. I did have one owner of a kosher grocery store tell me that such a thing "could not exist" which is yet another in the long series of annoyances with the washington kosher establishment. I wanted to go with the place in Chicago instead of Brooklyn (just 'cause...), but they didn't return my email (and honestly, they've got their own domain name: is is really THAT hard to get an email address which matches it? sheesh).

Sigh. Wasn't there supposed to be a stereotype of Jews being good businessmen or something? Must not be the people I keep encountering...
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